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Paperless Real Estate Transactions

For Immediate Release
March 3, 2008


Cloverdale, BC – March 3, 2008 – Canadian real estate industry beware! HomeLife Benchmark Realty is leading a paperless revolution that will forever change the business of real estate. Through the adoption of new technologies, Homelife Benchmark Realty has given birth to a paperless business model that is quickly setting a new industry standard for efficiency, mobility and profitability.

How has HomeLife Benchmark Realty used new technologies to break away from the traditional real estate business model you ask? It turns out their secret to success is no secret at all: they’ve implemented a trailblazing software package from Nuance Systems known as Virtual Business Center. Built exclusively for Canadian REALTORS®, Virtual Business Center is the first and only real estate transaction management software available to Canadian real estate professionals and brokers.

“Traditional real estate transactions require documents to be faxed back and forth for signatures and review. This outdated method creates inefficiencies and lag time, while keeping REALTORS® tied to their fax machines and offices,” noted Rick Dubord, President of HomeLife Life Realty Services in BC. “Only Virtual Business Center can provide my salespeople with a means to access and email any document related to a transaction at anytime and from anywhere.”

Virtual Business Center allows REALTORS® to use electronic forms and tablet PCs to digitally sign and deliver documents all the way from the initial offer to closing. Transaction documents are even sent directly to the closing attorneys who then return them electronically back to HomeLife Benchmark’s office administrator, Kari Burstyk. “Virtual Business Center saves me significant time. I could handle a 100 agent office on my own,” said an excited Burstyk. “It’s amazing the difference in time going paperless makes!”

Apart from savings in both time and money, adopting a paperless business model has given Rick Dubord greater freedom as a business manager. “I can manage my office from anywhere and approve commission cheques and other documents without having to make a trip to the office,” says Dubord. “For our salespeople, Virtual Business Center means less running around time and better service for their clients. HomeLife Benchmark Realty is proud to be at the forefront of the paperless revolution.”

To learn more about HomeLife Benchmark Realty’s business model, please call 604.574.0161.

About HomeLife Benchmark Realty
HomeLife Benchmark Realty has been a leader in British Columbia real estate for the last 25 years. Through its dedication to providing superior customer service and unparalleled results for its clients, the company has grown to include 12 sales offices and over 600 sales professionals and support staff throughout the province. More information is available at

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